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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Tuesday - Electrics


It was barely two weeks ago when that lightning bolt of reality struck and it became clear that there simply would not be time for someone with barely a basic knowledge of twelve volt wiring to muddle his way through by our deadline. 

Fortunately, barely two weeks was exactly the lead time Sean needed.  It was therefore with just a large amount of anxiety that one of us exhibited while peering down street at five minutes past the appointed time this morning searching for a small white van with an electrician in it.  

We shouldn't have worried, but we'd just gone into a Covid Lockdown, and while we were completely isolated from any chance of infection, that did provide a degree of difficulty in picking up the various "essential" parts.

By the end of a very long day we were wired, except for a little tidying up that couldn't be done until the rest of the cupboards were in.  

"Little" tidying up things like the actual installation of the battery, but there's always tomorrow when there will be just four days to go

MONDAY - install frig cupboards, frig and switchboard.
TUESDAY - help Sean with the wiring and reinstate the cabin
WEDNESDAY - install the remaining cupboards
THURSDAY - pack the van full of all we need to get it up to working load
FRIDAY - get a wheel alignment with everything on board
SATURDAY - leave for the Cape!

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