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Tuesday, August 10, 2021

It's their fault!

Almost exactly ten years ago, Warwick and Julie introduced themselves to us, completely unaware of the inspiration they would provide.  They were in a little camping car, we on our boat, all of us somewhere in France.  

At that time, about to turn seventy they were working their way through what they called their mid-life crises.  I hope I am not causing offence in relating part of our conversation (heavily paraphrased) but the gist of it was as follows: They were reaching a dangerous age.  Some were suggesting they should perhaps slow down a bit, become more sedentary perhaps, after all that they were only a twisted ankle away from a forced radical change to their peripatetic lives.

They in turn, had given this advice a good deal of consideration, and acknowledged that their advisors were quite correct. 

It was quite clear to them that the slightest mishap at their age could severely curtail future travel.  They therefore decided that rather than slowing down, they needed to speed up in the hope of getting more of the things seen that needed to be seen before that fateful calamity occurred. So they did.

While in the town of Warwick a few months ago, how could we not think of them?  Surrounded by autumn colours (a rarity in our State), we were filled with a sort of urgency, only  too aware that we were in a delightfully colourful part of our lives, but that the leaves will inevitably start to shrivel (some would observe that is already happening).  

We decided there and then that we would stop dithering around looking for the perfect van, and just get on with it as soon as we returned home.

Wishing you a speedy recovery Julie and hoping to be inspired by your adventures for a long time to come!

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Vallypee said...

Now I'm confused. I thought you'd got your van? Still, lovely to hear about what prompted you!

bitingmidge said...

Yes Val, we have the van - this is a bit of navel gazing and a catch up! Love to you both -xx

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