Legends from our own lunchtimes

Thursday, August 12, 2021

(Jean-Claude for short.)


We'd inspected this damned van (damned, because through no fault of its own, by now we had had enough of our fruitless search and were becoming rather impatient if not entirely without hope)  on our way out to Warwick a week or so before.  

We sort of snuck in to the yard, and snuck out again before we could be harangued by someone intent on making us its owners before the sun went down.  It WAS clean, very clean and very tidy with astonishingly low kilometres for its age, had legitimate trail of paper, a complete service history and being the absolute base model for its year, although it had nothing in the way of creature comforts.  It was priced at an eye watering fifty percent more than its insurance value, wasn't four wheel drive, had a dodgy after-market cruise control and it seemed on that first inspection that we could probably do better if we could just wait a little longer.

A week later which seemed an interminable amount of time in our state of mind, it was still there, surely a sign of just how over-priced it was.

So without blinking, or so much as a mechanical inspection, we paid our deposit and returned to our base to ponder what we had done.

We finally had our blank canvas onto which we could paint a host of new adventures.


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Don said...

This all sounds so familiar...
We were lucky enough to just beat the rush. No 4wd for us either but a limited slip differential and bigger tires have been good enough for us. The 'Rona Wagon is kind of a submarine in sand, though. Our rock crawling days are over but the blank canvas was loads of fun!

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