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Saturday, August 28, 2021


If someone has said by now that the thing could have been finished if it weren't for my propensity to reinvent the wheel, I might have to cautiously admit that there is an element of truth in that.  

In my defence a lot of the time spent nutting out the smaller details was spent well before we had taken delivery of the van.

These brackets for the solar panel for instance, were custom-built to suit our particular installation, because all of the commercially available fixings were too clunky, too obvious or exactly the wrong size or one of us just didn't like them. They didn't really delay anything though as they have been designed, printed on the trusty 3d printer and sitting in a cardboard box waiting for their day in the sun for weeks while yours truly busied himself on things further up the list.

Today (or whatever day in the past this took place) was the day they came out, but in the complete absence of sunshine and with no time left on the schedule to delay further, we found ourselves under the shelter of a friend's monster carport, spending an entire morning, doing another "ten minute job".  

Looks just like a bought one.


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