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Sunday, August 08, 2021


Thank you to the three of you who have agreed to be my guinea pigs!  There is only supposed to be one person in this room at the moment, but here you are!

Well you may not have agreed exactly, but when I set up the feed you were already there, so I'm guessing you subscribed while I wasn't watching!

If you've received this in the old format, I do apologise - I published this before deleting the old setup, so carry on, there's nothing to see here until I get this sorted.    The new feed should kick off at 5:00am GMT, which is still a few hours from now, so I will wait with breath held!

This is a test to see if the feed sends out photographs - if it doesn't I'll drop it back to "headlines" rather than the full story.

I hope that I don't inadvertently add you again, not sure how to cope with that if I do, but let me know anyway.


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