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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

The easy part.


These are strange times, Covid times; when everyone is buying stuff and no-one has any stock because everyone is buying it.  Local suppliers don't have stock, can't get stock or seem to have made so much money selling what they had that they had no interest at all in providing any service.

Can anyone blame me for ordering the new floor mats from Turkey, Wheel Arch Flares from Lithuania, a Light from Finland, Door rubbers from China, my 3d print supplies from Czechia and new head unit from China, particularly when all promise delivery within a week. 

Not that any of this would have any impact at all on our programme.  Our road trip spent picking up all the bulky and heavy items that we would need went very smoothly, and with our new seat swivel installed it was time to make a hole into which the fridge could be fitted, and from which all the other measurements could be taken.

It did look like a lot of progress, and it WAS quite encouraging.  It was so exciting that for a time it was easy to overlook the inconvenient truth that there remained but four weeks until our immutable departure date.


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