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Friday, August 13, 2021

On wearing out shoe leather.


There's probably no more archaic expression these days than "wearing out shoe leather", when one considers what shoes are made of, and how little wearing out they get while seated in front of a computer searching the world for bits for one's new vehicle, but wearing out "bum denim" doesn't imply the actual effort that goes into the task. 

There we were, deposit paid on our "new" van in a yard not much more than a hundred kilometres away. For some reason which is quite unfathomable now but is probably a bit related to being in a bit of shock after so suddenly completing the purchase after such a protracted search, making arrangements to pick it up a week from the day we agreed to buy it.

With the optimism that comes with every new project, we figured it would take twelve to fourteen weeks to do a reasonable job of transforming delivery vehicle into camper.  

The fact that we had only five until the time we were due to leave for Cape York did not even begin to sink in until much, much later.


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