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Monday, August 30, 2021

MONDAY _ Frig and Switchboard IN!

 By about now that everyone reading this journal should be thoroughly tired of it.

If indeed that is the case, then I have been mildly successful in conveying exactly how we felt about the work in hand at this time.   The mess in the garage, combined with the sheer number of unfinished parts looked like an insurmountable mountain.

One of us was really doubting his ability to get it all done.  

The other however, kept baking cakes and food to keep him going and a little more to take on the trip without doubting for a moment.  We had five days to go after all, and from her perspective at least things were going swimmingly.

MONDAY - install frig cupboards, frig and switchboard.
TUESDAY - help Sean with the wiring and reinstate the cabin
WEDNESDAY - install the remaining cupboards
THURSDAY - pack the van full of all we need to get it up to working load
FRIDAY - get a wheel alignment with everything on board
SATURDAY - leave for the Cape!


1 comment

Don said...

No, not tired of it at all. Just like the most suspenseful Hollywood flick, we’re dying to find out how it all turns out! Our lack of short term memory has already erased the spoilers.

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