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Tuesday, August 24, 2021



If we'd been keeping track of time, we'd have known that we had barely two and and a half weeks left until departure.

What better way of making progress towards a deadline than ignoring all the proper work remaining to be done, and fitting a nice set of wheel arch protectors?

While the end result was very satisfying, it might be noted that one of us is prone to panic when working with great gobs of black sticky stuff designed to glue bits of spaceship together in an instant, and this is a very fiddly gooey job indeed.   Ignoring the labels which read "for use by experienced applicators only" we launched ourselves headlong into the task.

Thankfully, although she would never admit it, the other of us seems to thrive in these situations and spent the entire day replenishing rags soaked in solvent, and making the gooey ones disappear before they did much damage and generally being a lot calmer and cheerier than her spouse.   

When it was all done, we couldn't help but laugh at ourselves.  Here we were standing back admiring our handiwork, having turned the bus in our eyes from a delivery hack into our own personal Hot Wheels Super Truck.

Realistically to anyone else it was always going to be...

a delivery hack.


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