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Sunday, August 22, 2021

When more becomes less.

It looks like not much has happened, but there are templates aplenty spread all over the garage floor, and discussions aplenty about what will be, mixed with cups of tea and coffee and head scratching and making sure that things will go together in an orderly fashion when they do..

The pigeon holes for our clothes won't be in place before we leave, because they will require a few day's work which we just don't have.  More  important for now is sourceing things like tyres capable of withstanding thousands of kilometres of heavily corrugated gravel and worse, and mechanical checks to make sure the rest of the van is capable of that as well.

The mountain in front of us still looks just a bit too big to conquer in the timeframe, but a quick call to Matt and Abbie to check on their progress made us feel considerably better.

They have had almost two years longer to prepare for this trip, and on the face of it they don't appear to be any better prepared than we are. We console each other and get our respective heads down once more.

For now, the more things we leave out, the greater our chance of actually departing on time, which after all is our primary objective.



Don said...

Ahh. Looks like you’re using CAD for the mock-ups. That’s cardboard assisted design…..

bitingmidge said...

Yes indeed - nothing like a bit of cardboard and a sharpie to get the old creative juices flowing.

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