Legends from our own lunchtimes

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Meanwhile in places other than our driveway.

 Meanwhile indoors, the other of us, not content with standing by, possibly lest she be called upon to hold the end of a tape, or juggle the other end of a drawer slide, or perhaps spread some smelly glue on something while it was being held in mid air, decided to get on with stuff that would be necessary further down the track.

Pillow covers and bed spreads were produced in far quicker order than one would imagine, and our camping gear cleaned and sorted ready to pack into drawers that as yet with barely a week left in our schedule were just a figment of our imaginations.

I am a little ashamed to to admit that when my mind is filled with schedules and details and things that need to be ordered or things that need to be built, I often forget to do stop for sustenance.  She has no such impediment, and therefore food, drink and the odd warm treat straight from the oven kept turning up at regular intervals as indeed they have for the past five decades whenever I have been similarly distracted.

While I am, and always have been enormously thankful for her part in this pair of complimentary behaviours,  I am pretty sure that on this occasion the primary motivation was not my well being.   

Alas, I think she was entirely focussed on ensuring "her" van would be ready on schedule and if that took a batch of fresh scones every day, well that was a small price to pay!


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Holly-Ann said...

You are a great Team Peter and Jo!

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