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Thursday, August 26, 2021

Adding lightness.


"Simplify, then add lightness" was the catchcry of Colin Chapman, the founder of the Lotus Car Company and it's a philosophy I've borrowed many times.  Time and time again I've shown that nothing beats a simple light weight box for strength and rigidity, and we are going to need both in the coming weeks when the going gets rough.

I don't think I can make a bed platform any simpler, and there are one hundred and fifty lightnesses added to it at the moment, although a few necessary hinges will take the weight in the wrong direction so maybe I'll enlarge the lightnesses at a later date.  

The template for the curvy beam at the back which will tie it all together is done.  The switchboard is done.   There's a real feeling that progress is happening, and then we realise that those empty cupboard carcasses are supposed to have drawers in them.

About now, we are thinking  we could just stash all our camping gear in the boxes and we'd still be OK to go, but even then some electricity would be nice.


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