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Monday, August 23, 2021



It's hard to explain how much nervous energy one can waste trying to nut out which tyres will be best for the job particularly when trying to strike a balance between load carrying and on and off-road performance particularly when one is intending to do things with a vehicle it wasn't particularly designed to do.

After a lot of thought, research and assistance, not to mention patience from our local mechanic who happily chopped out great swathes of the under carriage, and tyre company which lent us a tyre to make sure it would all fit, we settled on a  combination which would conservatively get us close to the maximum legal diameter and offset while still fitting in the spare wheel carrier.   

All of that meant we were without the van for two full days, which gave a nice clear run at some of the other tasks. When it came back we had to admit that the angst had been worth it.

Who had we been kidding, we weren't concerned with performance or fit, it just had to look good, and by golly to our terribly unbiased eyes, it did!


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