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Saturday, August 14, 2021

Let the fun Begin!

A week may not seem like a long time to wait to pick up  one's new vehicle, but it dragged interminably.  Days (and nights) were filled searching for things which would one day go into that purchase.  So many things were ordered that within a few days their value added up to almost half of the purchase cost of the van itself.   

Thankfully the first bit of stuff to arrive was the sound deadening material, which arrived at our place before the van was as it happens, therefore we were able to start work within minutes of its arrival. The poor thing was subjected to the removal of everything in the cargo area that could be removed or unclipped or in some cases pried off, and the simple but somewhat tedious task of lining the interior with sound deadening commenced.  

When one is working to a deadline, even simple tasks have a way of complicating themselves, and we only had five weeks to get this job done after all and it wasn't long before the first complication reared its ugly head:

Our driveway is somewhere between "quite" and "very" steep.  

The Van is too tall to fit in the garage,  therefore all work has to happen on that slope.   

A sloping van interior provides no traction for tools, equipment or even people, therefore about two thirds of actual installation time was spent either crawling back to where I wanted to be, or retrieving tools or tape from exactly the other end of the workspace.  

What about those blue mats brought in to take some of the pain out of my already battered knees, surely they'd help?   

How was I to know they are just cut down versions of the big ones they use on the giant slippery slides?  


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