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Saturday, August 21, 2021

It's not all just sitting around with your feet up.


With a tad over three weeks to go and not enough apparent progress, one would have to hope that there was a lot going on in the background, and indeed that was the case.

What was clear was that not everything was going to be finished, and to that end, actual sleep was being lost trying to figure out how to fit a quart's worth of time into a pint pot.   

An executive decision was made to finalise the templates for everything needed to complete the project to ensure that when we got back to complete it everything would fit. At the same time it was necessary concentrate the building on the bare necessities that we would need for the trip.   

All thoughts of finishing the lining were pushed aside which would mean effectively stripping everything out at a later date,  and it was pretty clear by now that if there was to be any electrical wiring at all, (which would be helpful if the refrigerator was going to serve a purpose), some help was going to be necessary. 

So measurements were taken and wheels set in motion (more on that in a day or two) and ducks set in a row, ready for a final assault.


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