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Monday, August 16, 2021

Because too much insulation is never enough.


It may have taken a couple of days of sliding around, straining every muscle including a few I didn't know I had, before I came to my senses, and borrowed a nice set of car ramps.  

With these in place I could raise the front of the car to achieve some semblance of level working platform, and working within became a good deal more comfortable.   The second stage of insulation work proceeded without adding significantly to the number of aches which by that time had quite possibly reached every corner of my body anyway.

I'd like to say that this little job took a good deal of time more than one would think it should, because it was a little bit fiddly in spots, but this might have been exacerbated by a reluctance on the part of some extremities of my body to bend as required.

Never the less, by the time you can say "well that's nice, but you do realise that now you only have four weeks to finish the job, don't you?", The insulation work was complete.

Actually it wasn't quite complete.   At some point in the future the entire cabin will be stripped and the front bit treated similarly, but since that is a job that in itself will require another week to complete, it's on the list of things to do much, much later.


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