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Tuesday, August 17, 2021


We got the floor done in double-quick time and it looked fantastic.   If I'd had my way we'd have stopped then, while it all looked all shiny and new, thrown a rug on that ice-rink and taken off.  

There was something a bit deflating in the knowledge that it had to come out again to attach the cupboards to it.   Then the cupboards would have to come out to get the wall lining done.   After that everything has to come out again so we can put the insulation under the floor.  Then there's the wiring, some of which has to run beneath the insulation, some on top …

One of the curious things about fitting out a camper is that there is almost no sequential work.  Everything that needs to be installed, needs something else installed before the correct location or fitting can be carried out.  At this point we were bracing ourselves for a lot of fitting and re-fitting. 

We were aiming to have the whole thing with a finished (fitout) weight about half of an equivalent commercial camper.  This will have obvious benefits on-road, and hopefully will make things a degree or two easier on the running gear on the rougher roads we intend to encounter, but even more importantly at this stage, it will be a lot easier to all that putting in and pulling out of half-built cabinetry.

We didn't have time to sit and admire that shiny floor however.  As soon as the photos were taken, the de-construction commenced, cargo hold-downs reinstated, and we were off on a 500 kilometre road trip to pick up the bigger bits we'd be needing over the next few weeks. 



Vallypee said...

Wow! Well done already! It looks great! I suppose efficiency is everything in such a small space. Ironically, that means you can’t work efficiently. Looking forward to seeing the progress. Sorry, I can only catch up once a week. You’re far too prolific a blogger for my meagre efforts! :)

bitingmidge said...

Ahh Val, it's a retrospective, so it's easy from my side! I know what comes next!

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