Legends from our own lunchtimes

Saturday, November 10, 2007


So there we were in Barcelona, Graham and I sitting in a comfortable bar while the girls pottered in some shops nearby.

A lovely young lady approached our table and although we couldn't understand a bar of what she was saying, it was pretty clear that it was something like: "Can I get you blokes anything to drink?"

"Dos Coca Cola gracias" replied I, calling apon my entire Spanish repertoire and doing not a bad job of it either if I do say so myself.

Quizzical Stare.

"Coke?" says I hopefully.

Even more quizzical stare.

"Cola?" I tried.

By now the quizzical stare was morphing into a sympathetic frown.

"Coca-cola?" I was desperate.

She was becoming no less desperate to assist.

"Help me here Graham" I asked, looking in his direction.

"OH! She exclaimed, you speak English!! Please ask me in English!!"

"OH, sorry, of course: Could I have two Coca Cola's please?"

"Sure, would you like ice and lemon in your glass?"

And that my friends has been reported verbatum!


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