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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Is Narita near Japan?

"Western life in Japan bears little resemblance to life in the West, and the same goes for western style weddings in Japan.

The Japanese have long liked to copy, and improve on, the West. Take, for example, the national railways, communication systems, democracy, and anything to do with electronics.

It's fashionable to imitate other cultures, just as westerners do by getting a suntan so they can look ... errr ... 'exotic'

People like the dress, the kiss and the image. Japanese Christians make up only 1% of the country, but now about 90% of weddings are in the Christian style." from - seiyaku.com

Deeply suntanned though I may not have been, I'm certain that I would have looked quite ... errr ... "exotic" as I stuck my head into the Nikko Narita's splendid wedding chapel, complete I'm sure, albeit terribly well concealed, with national railway, communication systems, democracy and electronics all hidden somewhere within.

In the light of the above, the lights from below the floor should have offered no surprise to me, although I suspect that for any bride wearing insufficient undergarments that may indeed not be the case.

If it were possible in Japan, to make sense of the phrase "tripping the light fantastic", this is where one would come to try.


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