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Friday, November 09, 2007

The Two Pound Picture

It's a nice photo, and so it should be, it cost two quid.

There we were, minding our business, which at the time was simply breathing the scenery in central Wales, with Julian driving and me in the back seat not giving him a chance to make up his own mind about anything related to exactly how the car should be piloted.

We rolled down the hill, across the bridge and as the "A" road did a sharp left immediately over the bridge, I yelled "Carpark! Turn right now!"

Of course only having a few years' experience as a son-in-law, Julian complied without hesitation or question.

We'd locked the car and were walking out of the otherwise empty carpark when the gatekeeper found us and put out his hand for the two quid.

There we were at Cenarth Falls, on the River Teifi noted for its Salmon Leap among other things, although we didn't know that at the time. We took a couple of photographs including this one, and set out to see what secrets the village held that could possibly justify two quid for a carparking space.

Probably not coincidentally, this village houses the National Coracle Centre, so we thought a visit to the Coracle museum might be a start.

"Museum closed, all enquiries at the Mill" said the sign.

So we went to the Mill, but it too was quite devoid of any sign of life.

Further up the hill we walked to the Smithy, with its bright red door decorated with the amputated feet of several unidentified creatures, but of course it was a closed door, and the sign above it proclaiming a "first class establishment for lease" hinted to us, that we may not be successful were we to attempt to gain entry on that day.

We walked across the road, through the cemetery where Thomas Thomas lay in peace, past the church to the highest point of the village. On our way back, a kindly soul poked his head through the window of his cottage next to the Smithy and inquired of us as to whether the church was open. When we advised him that it was indeed in the same state of open as every other establishment in town, to which he helpfully offered that we could let ourselves in if we liked.

"The chap at the Coracle Centre has the key."


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