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Monday, November 19, 2007

Parking in Spain

Walking the streets of Barcelona, one can be forgiven for thinking that cars are dropped into their parking spaces with a crane. Sometimes less than the thickness of a cigarette paper separates the front of one car from the rear of another.

Sometimes cars are left out of gear, and sort of bump parked out of the way.

Then we saw this car stop beside what looked like about two thirds of a space and wondered if she was going to double park or pick up someone, but no, young lady at the wheel confidently reversed into the spot, flipped the shifter into first and rolled forward to complete the manouvre without missing a word of the telephone conversation she was having at the time.

We applauded.

She hopped out and bowed, then walked off in the same matter of fact manner in which she had arrived.

None of this was possible, the picture has obviously been photoshopped.



Tulla said...

My wife definitely has spanish blood. One memorable occasion I actually swapped out of the drivers seat to let her ply her reverse parking skills in a rarely found inner city carpark. Only took her 10 minutes - nice spot though.

bitingmidge said...

There's a scientific explanation for all that. Things get smaller with time, so in the ten minutes it took, your car and the one's you were parking between diminished in size allowing the space to expand.

Or maybe it IS the Spanish blood!

Dr Karl.

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