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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Pigeon Pie

There are lots of reasons why pigeons are unpopular creatures in cities, and over the years there have been lots of methods employed in attempts to limit their population, or at least to keep them at bay. Most of these have been banned through the untiring efforts of various animal liberation groups, apparently oblivious to the fact that not all humans welcome the consequences of the unchecked lofts.

The current trend in avian disuasion seems to involve covering every square inch of horizontal surface with a sort of continuous stainless steel barbecue fork, which is apparently intended to deter all but the most determined fakir among the flock.

I am not sure that they the solution doesn't have a more deleterious visual impact on some buildings than the patina created by the remnants of a thousand pigeon's breakfasts.

Perhaps some would call it art, whatever the case, the pigeons seem to have a work-around.

Surely the problem could be solved with some clever marketing of that old favourite of the gastronomes, the Pigeon Pie.

Just tell the punters that pigeons taste like Cat.


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