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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Another Delay

We arose in a state that was less euphoric, but excited none the less at the prospect of hot showers later in the day and with the end of the electrical work very definitely in view on the horizon.

Not being the sort of person who actually enjoys being in a dark and definitely confined space while adopting the posture of a Mongolian contortionist, and definitely not being in need of practice in re-installing hot water units, I took it upon myself to delay any further activity in that regard until at least after all of the required parts were to hand.

Actually I think I was in mid-procrastination when I heard the call;
"Good-die Moyt", the unmistakable sound of a Yorkshireman trying to sound like and Australian.
"Halloooo our Toe-kneee" I replied sounding ever so much like a yorkshireman in my own mind at least.

Tony was in a bit of trouble with his sliding roof and needed a bit of a hand, and as the one most suitable for lifting heavy objects was occupied baking banana cake, I was co-opted to assist.   After a morning of jacking things and levering and hitting them with blunt instruments I was beginning to think that perhaps a bit of practice moving a hot water system would be a constructive way to spend the afternoon after all, and in the meantime the parts had arrived for the hot water unit.

With a spring in my step, I feigned disappointment at having to leave our Tony to his own devices and unpacked the bits.   

Only two pipe fittings were the wrong size, so that was a good start, and I was a metre short of plumbing pipe as well, then after turning the entire village upside-down to find one, every spanner that t begged or borrowed to fit the element in the hot water system was exactly wrong.     

Perhaps it's a sign of some sort of French-absorbtion that I decided to put off the whole hot water thing until after lunch, perhaps after lunch tomorrow even so we went for a walk instead.


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