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Saturday, May 28, 2011


Life has been a merry go round of late, a constant tide of people and activity has swept us up, and today it was time to roll the circus south once more to Orleans.

We've marvelled before at French motorways, and we marvel every time we travel on them. Twenty kilometres from where we begin we drive through a toll plaza and take a ticket. Then we set the cruise control to the one hundred and thirty kilometre an hour limit, stop for lunch and a few hours later we arrive at a toll plaza less than twenty kilometres from our destination.

It all seems so simple.

This time, the first twenty kilometres took more than an hour; twenty percent of our more than five hundred kilometre journey. We were met by thousands (yes thousands) of motorcyclists assembling in downtown Nancy to protest new laws which will require them to wear high visibility jackets, (and to have number plates so they can be caught in radar traps) and I suppose we might have been sympathetic except for our own selfish agenda.

Eventually we arrived in Orleans, more than a few hours after we had planned, even more hours after  Bob and Penny, but none the less well and truly in time for tea, and drinks and dinner and tomorrow.

We had managed to get off the merry go round but found ourselves ever so firmly seated on the swing!


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