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Friday, May 13, 2011


I would like to pretend that when the sun rose, the disappointment of the day before and the reinstallation of the redundant hot water unit was behind me.  In reality, with the prospect of the new system arriving tomorrow disappointment had actually been replaced with stupid childish excitement.    

I was not alone in my happiness however, as today I commissioned the washing machine.  The mood on board was something akin to euphoric as load after load of dirty clothes, clean clothes, neighbour's toupee's and anything that would fit in were cleaned to within an inch of their respective lives, and hung proudly for all to see on the rotary hoist.  

Banana cake was baked and distributed freely along the marina finger, it truly was a day of celebration on board.

Meanwhile, Bill, perhaps cognisant of the fact that he'd had a near death experience the day before, or more likely completely fatigued after a long night with his digital mistress kept a safe distance.


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Gerry said...

I love the renovation stories Pete. . . . you are so calm. Well done!

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