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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Progress on the new battery box and switchboard cupboard which will eventually become our bed did fill in the day, and Bill finally managed to get all the twelve volt systems up and running, but we were becoming frustrated it has to be said by the distractions we were suffering.
1) I had to build a shelf for the washing machine so we could mount it in the "laundry" and 
2) Every time I turned around to get something or even move in the boat, there was a washing machine in the way, and
3) Bill's eyes glazed over still grieving from the loss of his computer
4) An absence of actual wires to run to all the electrical points that we imagined would one day litter the interior of the dear little ship.

So we went to the shops to get some stuff, and while we were gone we asked Bill to check that the hot water unit in the showroom was indeed a 500 watt one.

We went for a walk in the evening's cool, suitably reassured.

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