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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

The Chores

Once again yesterday finished well after today had technically begun, but with our immigration issues out of our hands, and an appointment set for the bank for tomorrow, we set off with the shopping list of things to buy while we have a car.

First stop: the generator shop.  Forget that.  I can't understand how salesmen can look you in the eye and tell you that they have no margin at their outrageous price when you know perfectly well that it's 50% higher than a merchant selling the same item on line.  So we bought on line and in a day or two a large truck will arrive with a very small generator on the passenger seat.   

That was easy, unless of course it arrives in a day or three, which will make it less easy.

We couldn't buy fabric for the curtains over the internet, but our run of incredibly good fortune continued in the fabric shop, when we found a bolt of material that we considered would be perfect for the new curtains on what we would call "the throwout table".   A bit of careful measuring later and we discovered it contained exactly the amount of material we needed.  

It looks as though one of us at least will not be short of things to do for quite some time. 

The other has been procrastinating as usual, sitting in front of the fire by night fiddling with silly details while the real issue which must be seen to with some urgency, the construction of the bed just seems to slip quietly into the darkness whenever it is raised. 

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