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Saturday, April 21, 2012

- Lagarde

Suddenly it seems as though this simple blog has become the weather channel. With a forecast predicting exactly the same for a few days yet, there is unlikely to be any relief from either the conditions or the reporting of them.

Thankfully when the sun failed to make an appearance this morning I was entirely aware that it was now Saturday, so after considering carefully the long list of tasks that need attention before we steam away, and equally carefully weighing up how uncomfortable I might be if I ventured outside to attempt any of them, I elected to remain snug, warm and horizontal for just a bit longer.

I think I'd still be there too if it wasn't for a slow wave of guilt building as the sounds of the other of us busily sorting things at the other end of the boat began to penetrate my cone of laziness.  This guilt I assuaged by writing lists all day with a pencil, then duplicating them in fountain pen, crossing off some items with a black fine-tip, before marking them all "low priority".

I'm not sure at the moment if indeed the recalcitrant leaks in the fore cabin windows are all that low a priority, but they can't be fixed in the rain, and when it's stopped, well the importance of fixing them will be somewhat diminished, so perhaps I am right after all.

Tomorrow I really should begin, but we have places to go, things to do, people to see.

Raincoats to dry.

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