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Thursday, April 05, 2012

Window Shopping

It's getting cooler by the day, although the forecast keeps pushing the negative temperatures away till tomorrow, pretending that the ice isn't coming at all.

As we were wandering aimlessly round Notting Hill today in temperatures not quite in double figures, I did wonder at the appropriateness of the shoes in the window displays.

There was also a bit of wondering as we peered into the windows of the Funeral Parlor with their cheery displays "honouring the victims of the Titanic" and more wondering whether there is a monthly celebration to be held, of mega-death through history, and incongruously probably due to brain freeze, why the coffee we had with our lunch doubled in price because we "ate in".

Later, I uploaded a few dozen Sunshine Coast Daily photos to be published in coming months, and wondered if the sky was ever really that blue, and whether people really did wear so little in the way of clothing in other places.

How quickly we forget.


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Julie said...

Usually I find stores distressing. They go on to the NEXT season, as soon as we enter this season. Hence, the stores in Sydney are about to showcase spring, just when I might next a jumper ... oh forgot ... I live in Australia.

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