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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Around the block

We are creatures of habit and ritual, even those among us who strive to leave all that behind are completely, sometimes painfully predictable.

For instance, we always promise ourselves that we will get underway "first thing" in the morning, knowing full well that "first thing" means "after rising late, having a leisurely breakfast, hanging around for a chat, packing up, maybe having a coffee and a bit more of a chat - oh goodness is that the time we'd better be off or we'll have to stay for lunch"

Hire care people are the same.  They smile and make a great fuss about how new the car they are about to entrust into my care is, give a quick run down of all the controls while at the same time failing to point out exactly where the fuel filler cap is and how to get it open.  They explain with a broader friendlier smile that is almost paranormal that we have an unlimited kilometre allowance in our contract, yet when we return the car a few days later having travelled across six continents and a few island states, they silently raise an eyebrow in disapproval.

When we combine the two, we just end up being grateful for those marvellous tollways, the ones that transport us so efficiently to our destination almost before we can say "goodbye Roger, hello Celine."

This morning, Chalon-sur-Saône, this afternoon La Ferte Saint-Aubin.



Julie said...

You were landing a 747 down the centre of the highway?

bitingmidge said...

Just doing some low flying! (wish I'd thought of that before I wrote the post.

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