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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It's rain, Jim, but not as we know it
- Lagarde

The weather forecasting device I prefer provides mostly a graphic readout.  For days it has had two little golden balls representing sunshine beginning the day after tomorrow.    It has become something of a ritual for me to log on each morning and smile as I watch them both jump one further day into the future.

Today however, while they did jump as expected, now promising fine weather on Friday and Saturday, they seemed to be caught somewhat unawares by the immutable fact that this morning we woke with the boat and for that matter the entire port and even the village beyond, bathed in luxuriant sunshine.

This it seemed was a sign that perhaps at long last I could get the windows back where they needed to be, and finish all the outside jobs that should have been completed on the day that we arrived.   There seemed little point in wasting time, so we bounced out of bed well before ten, had a leisurely breakfast and an even more leisurely cup of coffee while sitting in the aforementioned sunshine.  Then, as the weather was so pleasant, we wandered up to the lock to see Monika and Jim safely on their merry way and returned just in time for the cloud to start building along with the wind, making conditions terribly unpleasant for working, let alone working outside.

But a man has to do what a man has to do, and by the time the first few drops of rain had fallen, it was lunch time, but the windows were finally reinstalled.   The next day or two will be nervous ones, waiting and watching after every squall to see if any errant drop finds its way through the fresh sealant.   We've also replenished our gas, filled the watertanks, replaced the waterpump which we replaced yesterday and have generally stowed pretty much everything ready to get underway.

There are a few odd jobs remaining, but they can be done at any time, we have no excuses, we may move on soon.

For now though, we are just happy sitting watching the rain on the OUTSIDE of the windows.

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