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Sunday, April 01, 2012

April Fool's Day

Suddenly, the banging together of our heads has stopped.  We are packed, we have left, we have said our goodbyes and returned the rental car.

We have passed the gates which signify that we have left Australia, are sitting quietly in no-man's land, watching the almost empty international terminal below, and a familiar but surreal emotion engulfs us, as we pinch each other and wonder if the last six months actually happened.

Tomorrow when we leave the silver tube that will have been our home for 24 hours, we will be in London, living a life we left behind in late September.

We feel jetlagged and dislocated at the very thought of it all.

Perhaps it's just an April Fool's Day joke


Joan Elizabeth said...

Ah yes and we missed calling you. The trouble was we were in Canberra then Sydney so pretty much off the air for a week or so. And when we got home I knew the last thing you needed during your final days was a long chatty phone call from friends who have diddled around for 6 months and not called. So yeh where DID 6 months go.

None to worry, we're looking forward to getting regular updates again. Have a great trip.

Anonymous said...

Am on board for la vie joyeux

cara said...

That time again fabbo I'll settle down with a nice cuppa and enjoy. From all reports they're having a heatwave over there right now. Don't forget your knotted hanky!

bitingmidge said...

Glad to have a few back on board after the break!

Cara, rumours of a heatwave are simply that, 3° this morning when we landed (2nd April) and snow forecast for Wednesday - a rainy slushy snow, but I've never heard of snow in a heatwave!

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