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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Lagarde 16th September

Last time I glanced at the calendar it was Sunday, and when I glanced at the sky it was grey, and specks of water kept getting in my eyes.

It's a little more intermittent than it has been of late though, the rain, and a little more restrained, so I finally got the scrubbing of Mr Perkins' bedroom finished, and even, with a little judicious use of the tent over the picnic table in the port, got a few coats of paint on the engine bed.

The interior jobs, with someone far more diligent than I in charge, are of course complete, except for some final fussing which, if things go as they usually do will continue until the cab arrives the morning after tomorrow.

Getting the covers on may be a little problematic though, a quick glance at the weather forecast for today and tomorrow shows a very clear dark grey cloud with lots of dark grey rainy symbols coming from them.  After that, it gets really interesting:  "Expect rainy weather tuesday through to Thursday" it says, as if over the past month or so anyone has been expecting any other kind.

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