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Thursday, October 10, 2013

The sunset does not reflect the truth of the matter!
Lagarde 14th September

If one examines the above photograph very carefully, one may notice a glorious deep illumination as the setting sun glows beneath a picturesque steel grey sky.   If one has seen all of that, one then needs to ask what a picturesque steel grey sky represents.

If one asks that, one who was present at the time might be tempted to respond with perhaps just the slightest hint of exasperation: "Rain.  Buckets of it.  Relentless.  All day".

So then one may wonder how the fitting of the winter covers has been going, or the cleaning of the engine bay perhaps, or how about the repainting of the engine bed?   One would be advised to wonder that rather than asking out loud because one would not want to actually be in a position of allowing a response.

It's not as though the rain stopped at all except for a few brief moments of photographic goodness, even then it was as though it was simply taking another deeper breath before dumping another gazillion buckets on us.

We have now spread our various tasks out so far and so deep within the confines of the boat that we are starting to have some vague misgivings as to whether we can get finished in time to depart.

It will be OK in the end, it always is, but we are allowed to doubt aren't we?

At least tomorrow the forecast is for rain.  That will be a nice change.


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