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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Ready and rearing to go!
Lagarde 9th September

We hadn't really expected to be in Lagarde today, but one thing led to another and by the time we were half way across Belgium last night it didn't seem sensible to stop and now here we are once again in the cold and the drizzle.

We woke with a million things to do, and we were quite keen to get started but it was raining and miserable and even indoor jobs don't feel particularly inspiring for us, so we didn't.  Instead we lay about with hot coffee (tea for her ladyship), biscuits and books as long as we could, which turned out to be quite a long while really.  

Eventually we pushed through the lethargy and pottered, sorting cupboards, splicing new tie down ropes, drinking coffee and resting in front of the heater, all the while making copious notes so we could remember where things are when we return.

Whenever the rain slowed to a cold drizzle I did sneak out to look and postulate on whether I should detach a wire or two from Mr Perkins, but I couldn't get round the feeling that if the rain doesn't stop tomorrow, it might not be a pleasant task at all and perhaps I may be able to persuade Bill to stand out there in the wet and cold playing with our disconnections,.


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