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Thursday, October 10, 2013

The pointy end of "time to go"
Lagarde 15th September

At the end of every season for us, chaos reigns supreme.

While some of our friends (you know who you are) simply close the doors and windows and kiss their boats goodbye for another winter, our dear thing is best treated with a little more care.   It's the leaks you see.  

A couple doggedly remain, haunting us by disappearing whenever we are aboard, reappearing when we are not, and intriguingly dripping on the forward berth more or less only when someone is sleeping in it.

It's not smart to trust a repair that hasn't been tested, and it's not actually possible to repair when wet, so we sort out our cupboards, pack everything in bags, wrap the boat in semi-custom fitted tarpaulins, and leave.    All of that though, takes a few days in fine weather and we are now finding out, a few more in wet, but the back is broken and none too soon.  

The mess is almost gone.

Suddenly we are, we think,  despite all the wetness and adversity, in fairly good shape!

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