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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Finding Trish and Andrew
Steenwijk to Assen 5th September

In contrast to the instructions from our Canadian friends, or perhaps those could have been better described as "hints", our now receive-only non-roaming telephone buzzed with a text message from Andrew and Trish with clear instructions as to their whereabouts, complete with a position in latitude and longitude, presumably in case we had a handy sextant in the bottom of our bags.  

It was a bit easier for them to predict their whereabouts as they were awaiting the delivery of new batteries and therefore movement was improbable.

We didn't have a sextant of course, but the App on our phone made a reasonable imitation and took no time at all to calculate that our day's journey would be approximately forty kilometres and should take us somewhat less than an hour, which would give us plenty of time to travel via Gietshoorn, "the Venice of Holland".    

We were still musing over this description, and whether sometime in the future we might find the "Amsterdam of Italy", when we came across a lovely boatshed with a cafe attached at exactly lunch o'clock.   The array of traditional wooden skiffs with electric motors seemed to be begging to be hired as we loafed our way through our quiche and coffee on a perfectly clear sunny day.

We hadn't been afloat for several hours, and it was going to be at least another several before we'd be aboard a boat again so we decided that instead of dessert we would spend an hour pottering among the houses and the marshland.

Perhaps because we were completely reinvigorated from our injection of seafaring, or maybe it was the GPS in the phone, we managed to drive almost to the stern of Trish and Andrew's boat without so much as a wrong turn or even stopping for directions.


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