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Monday, November 06, 2017

Having a Nice Stay. - Friday 3rd November

The Speelklok Museum is hands-down our museum of the day.  It’s not just because it houses a wondrous collection of Mechanical Instruments, Orchestron and Dance Hall Organs either, nor that it is all so well presented that even if the collection were valueless it would still be worth visiting, but it is in Utrecht, a city which is rapidly working its way under our skin in the nicest possible way.

This is an ancient city with a pulse, It’s a city with a delightful mix of modern outlook respectful of but apparently not constrained by its mantel of history.  It’s not however a city which is noted for blue sky at this time of year, and apparently the very fact that no actual rain fell on us during our lengthy exploration today was a cause for celebration. 

This we did in style; Louis, working hard all the while on his first tooth using only a particularly delicious bread crust, one of us going forth somewhat gingerly in deference to the lingering effects of his roadhouse currywurst, and the others sampling the cuisine of the (indoor) garden restaurant with some delight.

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Don said...

Tied with Amsterdam for our favorite place in the Netherlands. Since it's school term we're assuming all the students are in residence making it even more active. Also a really great greek restaurant who's name is lost in the mists of time.

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