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Wednesday, November 01, 2017

On a clear day - Tuesday 31st October
Baumwipfelpfad Saarschleife

The weatherman did not disappoint.  We set the car heater to a conservative twenty degrees, twenty-two more than outside, and because it would take some time to melt the ice on the windows, wound them down and drove the five hundred metres to the boat with as little of our heads out as was possible consistent with avoiding obstacles.    Surprisingly, breaking the ice out of the ropes and re-tying the covers on the boat proved to be relatively painless, perhaps because our bare hands were so numb even the numbness could not be felt.   

When finally our boat tasks were complete we thawed over a coffee on Bill’s own “new” boat, basking in the glorious five degree sunshine before finally setting off on our long journey to Paris.  Long, because instead of spending an hour or so on the TGV, we have chosen "the scenic route”.

Our first stop, two hours by car was a revisit to the “Saar Loop”, the beauty of which we had failed entirely to see by boat in the day's journey between Mertzig in the top right of the picture to Mettlach in the top left.  During a momentary lightening of the cloud cover, we had caught a glimpse of the viewing tower on top of the cliff, and thought that it might be a nice spot to visit on a clear day.   It was.


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