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Friday, November 03, 2017

Saying Goodbye - Thursday 2nd November
To Utrecht

We travelled for half an hour down that long winding and very colourful road that leads to Marty and Vanessa’s door, and then of course the remaining five hours on the dull grey motorway taking an ill-timed stop for lunch.  Ill-timed because that two tour buses arrived co-incidentally with ourselves, leaving us a hasty luncheon choice of currywurst and chips, or currywurst.

Since our first visit to Europe all those decades ago, we have been fascinated by the abrupt cultural change one experiences when one crosses the arbitrary line on any map which defines the border between countries.   

Travelling from the Rhine region into the Netherlands the changes are more than cultural.  We’ve certainly seen our last grapevine for the year, quite possibly our last hill as well, and if the forecast is to be believed our last blue sky to boot, but we haven’t seen the last of the good times, of that we can be certain, the aftermath of the  roadhouse currywurst not withstanding.


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Ian said...

Marvellous photo and imposing vista for the statue to enjoy.

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