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Tuesday, November 07, 2017

The World Wide Wait - Monday 6th November
Aéroport Charles de Gaulle

After one final hug, oh OK, but just one more…. we set off this morning on what was the last leg of our little road trip.   With plenty of time between breakfast and our airport hotel to reflect on what a sensational week we’ve had.  Can it really be a week since we spent that last frozen night aboard our little ship?

Apparently so.

After a week in the company of great friends spread across four countries that seemed to go on for ever yet was over far too quickly, we are back in France.  We dropped the car at the airport, shuffling through it as quickly as possible, after all we will be seeing plenty of it tomorrow as our wait begins.  


Anonymous said...

I feel sad that another year of looking forward to your blogs and photos is nearly over. I've been in the middle of writing you an email about our Poland and Russia adventures but life has got in the way - I will finish it and I will send it. Thank you for a wonderful few months of my yearly vicarious pleasure of canal boat life. Love Pen

Ian said...

Us too! Guess we'll have to just struggle along with 'Sunshine Coast' and the occasional postcard. Hurry back. Ian and Lisette.

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