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Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Slowly slowly - Saturday 4th November
Utrecht To Koksijde

There is a song from many decades ago of the “protest” genre, which talks about taking paradise and putting up a parking lot.   Perhaps Belgium has been mistaken for paradise because whenever we travel through it, the whole country seems to be a huge lot of the parking variety.  Since Bluey and Davo live in Belgium and that’s where we were headed tonight, it was going to be a bit difficult to avoid, so we packed away another set of wonderful memories from the past few days, bade our fond farewells to Vanessa, Marty and Louis, took a big deep breath, a photo to remember the canals by, and launched ourselves into the wild grey yonder.

We were barely out of the Netherlands when we encountered out first eight kilometre long line of stationary traffic.  This sadly occurred even before we reached the Antwerp ring road, one of our least favourite parking lots in the world apart from perhaps its Brussels counterpart.    

Having once again turned a journey which should have taken a few hours into one which took quite a few more, we emerged out of the rainy gloom well and truly ready to stop, into the stunning warmth of Dave and Ria’s welcome. Its probably fair to say that if we didn’t like being in their company (which we do, rather a lot) we’d come back whenever we could just for the food!  Why hasn’t anyone told us about hamrolletjes before ?

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Don said...

The solution to the Belgium traffic woes is, of course, to get thee there in your boat!
I know it's a little off your well-beaten track but after spending two delightful summers (2008 and 2017) in Belgium we can't speak highly enough of the experience.


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