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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

It’s going to be colder tonight.- Monday 30th October

Well it’s not as if we weren’t warned.  Perhaps a person with more experience of the cold would not have left his wet mop-cloths out where they would get stuck to the deck, perhaps he would have tensioned the lines on the covers properly before they became frozen solid.   That might have saved an hour or two in the morning waiting for it all to thaw, but the novelty of it all made up for the delay.

The old hands of course walked by and nodded, offering reassurance along the lines of “and it’s going to be really cold tomorrow”.   We of course, had thought that one through and had already agreed that we would be spending our last night in Lagarde at Chez Maggie with proper underfloor heating, perhaps sleeping without the need for a beanie either. 

What we hadn’t considered was that as we finally finished all our little jobs and tied the cover down as is the way with these sorts of jobs, it would be in last of the evening’s light.  As is also the way with these things it seems to have moved a little out of alignment and will need to be untied and adjusted one more time to make it properly snug.   Thus the day came to a close, not filled with happy thoughts of a job well done and the road trip that lies ahead, but darker ones involving leaving later than planned after working outside in the morning in negative temperatures with icy ropes and slippery decks and pliers pinching freezing glove-less hands. 

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