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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Homeward bound - Wednesday 18th October

After more than a month travelling on rivers it came as a bit of a shock to find ourselves back in the much more intimate canal network once again, moored in the middle of a busy little village.   

Back in Champignuelles, we are once again only too aware that in a few days our boat time will be over for another year.  It’s always a strange time, filled with happy anticipation that we’ll soon be on our way south but mixed with the desire to eke out perhaps a few more days afloat while the weather holds.   

There’s a bit of a ritual to the whole process though.  We moor on one of the abandoned pontoons, walk to the hardware store for supplies that we’ll need to complete those little pre-winter jobs, have a cup of tea, and do not much else until it’s almost too late to take a photograph.  Then in last minute panic race out to see what one can make of the dying light.  Mostly we are too late, which explains the great collection of night time reflections in our photo files tagged “Champignuelles”, but tonight we had fourteen minutes to spare before darkness descended.

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