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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Where the people as well as the streets are lined with gold. - Saturday 7th October

Schwebsinge is just a thirty minute bus ride from Luxembourg City, with one change at a place named in Luxembourgish and therefore unpronounceable to lesser humans.   When we boarded the bus therefore we asked the driver, a dark-skinned bearded young man of the type that always gets the extra security check at the airport, if he could just stop there for us, and he very kindly agreed so to do.

The change of bus went (with his help) very smoothly indeed, and we were treated to a delightful tour of Luxembourg (the country) as it took us through vineyards and over mountains.  After twenty minutes of this we were back in the suburbs and the bus was hailed at a stop by someone who looked exactly like our previous driver.   The bus in front of us actually had the same number as the bus we had left twenty minutes ago.   We had barely time to begin to ponder this coincidence when the person boarded our bus, caught our eye(s) and waved my wallet above his head.   

Unaware at that point that the wallet was even lost, let alone found, the fact that someone had driven his bus deliberately to intersect with the one that he knew we had taken was incomprehensible.   While of course we stammered our thanks, we were actually too shocked to adequately reward his supreme effort and honesty.   Even later in the day, we were still at a complete loss to understand how wallet and self became separated, let alone reunited.   Lunch and a tour of some of the twenty odd kilometres of Cassements or underground cave system that rendered the city impregnable throughout history did nothing to diminish our gratitude.  



Jack said...

You were a very lucky guy, Midge.

bitingmidge said...

Yes indeed Jack.... it's still a mystery as to how wallet and I became separated, but for it to happen on a bus who's driver was prepared to track us down is astonishing.

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