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Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Back to the Grind. - Sunday 24th September

At the risk of overdosing on organ-love, we walked the town twice or was it five times, perhaps it was ten.  How ever many it was, by mid afternoon our joints were starting to feel that they’d been doing a bit of overtime on cobbled streets, but we had also become quite well acquainted at least by sight with all of the participants in the organ fest. Now each time we moved to a new spot there was no need for introduction, usually a direct offer to play a request, or to introduce us to someone or to show us some hitherto uninspected aspect of the bowels of a machine would ensue.

The evening concert was a fitting finale to the weekend, though it was not without its own embarrassments. Arriving as we did just before it began, we were a little shocked to discover that entry to the theatre was from the front, quite close to the stage.  This left no chance of anonymous arrival and as we stood like bunnies in the headlights scanning for a nice pair of seats towards the back of the room, some of our new best friends stood and waved for us to sit down the front with the cool kids.   Such was our welcome that it must have been touch and go for the Mayor to avoid the tempation of mentioning us in his speech.

Sadly even the best of weekends eventually must end, and this one did too, with hugs and kisses and promises to stay in touch all round at the end of the it will be long time before it’s forgotten.

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Jack said...

Midge, your telling of tales is hysterical.

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