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Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Sunny in Patches. - Sunday 1st October

After almost silently exiting Mertzig in the very late morning, but none the less at at a time which must have seemed indecently early to those around us still to  discover the depth of their hangovers, we set off in search of those sunny patches that the forecast so optimistically promised.

We were actually moored in Mettlach before we even found so much as a patch in which there was no rain let alone sunshine, but thankfully it was sufficiently large that we were able to wander around for the entire afternoon at the pleasure of Messieurs Villeroy and Boch.   They established their homes and fine porcelain factories here two and a half centuries ago and while the factories still exist it was the museum which traces the company’s history combined with their “outlet” stores which kept us entertained for a good part of the afternoon.

We appear to be on something of a Museum fest at the moment, and the superb combination of story and exhibition here did nothing to blunt our enthusiasm, neither did the quality of the  apple cake in the cafeteria.

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