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Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Not Shopping. - Tuesday 26th September

Downtown Saarbrücken is something of a monument to post-war reconstruction.  It’s not that unfriendly or unpleasant, but it does go on, and on.  It’s actually got quite a nice feel to the proportion of buildings and streets, and if one was interested in shopping it probably holds the world record for most shoe shops per square kilometre, and perhaps the most department stores as well.  

We would be interested in shopping we thought.  Although we quickly became quite disinterested and wandered off in search of even more interesting things, and a bakery, and a slice of pizza.  We walked the historic trails, visited the museum to try to get a feel for the very chequered history of the area, and had a really nice time all round.  Although we really thought we might stay longer (perhaps to shop), after spending last week in an urban environment we by this evening both developed decidedly itchy feet.  

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