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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Golden Splotches - Sunday 22nd October

We may not be in Canada or Connecticut, but there are enough golden sprinkles on the water to brighten the dull of the day as we celebrate the eighth anniversary of one of the luckiest days of our lives, by simply idling our way back towards the scene of the crime.

It certainly doesn’t seem like eight years since that freezing October day when by good fortune we met the crew in Lagarde who have since truly become part of our family, and after a few minutes inspection pulled out our credit card and paid a very small deposit on a barely floating, badly smoking pile of recyclables that we renamed “Joyeux”, and commenced our life split between two hemispheres.

Tomorrow we’ll be back in Lagarde and once again making preparations for our flight south, but today, there’s that walk around Einville we’ve been threatening to complete.


1 comment

Jack said...

Good memories for you despite the challenges of a lot of work and sometimes nasty weather.

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