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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Change is in the air - Friday 20th October

We knew the change was coming, it was inevitable after all, but it would have been nicer if it didn’t happen at exactly the time one of us was due to wander idly down to the baker for the breakfast croissants.   Thankfully it settled down to a dull roar by the middle of the morning and eventually turned into that pleasant misty rain in a shade of grey that after a few months sends people off in search of razor blades and rusty knives.  

Undaunted and undamped, we revisited Stanislas Place which in its post-summer guise was also undaunted.  It has been completely made over as a spectacular autumn garden, complete with temporary lawns laid over much of it’s cobbled surface, and a wondrous array of features including no less than a bonfire “pit” complete with the sounds of a live fire, a jungle with live parrots, and a running stream.  Hundreds of pots of trees and flowering plants have been installed in their autumn colours just to remind all that this may well be the last garden display they’ll see for some time. 

It’s all a bit overwhelming for us at times, coming to grips with the extent that most communities will go to to find an excuse to celebrate things without any commercial agenda.  All of this is just to tide us over lest we get anxious between the end of the summer illuminations and next month’s Christmas Markets.

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Don said...

We will pass on the picture of "Ferrous" to our friends, it's owners, Ted and Charlotte Musselwhite, with the proper attribution, of course. You'll probable end up with another "follower".


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